100% Victorian Building regulations, warranties and guarantees

We guarantee to deal with you to the highest levels of customer service, through honest and informative communication and to complete your project to our exacting and high quality standards. We guarantee to follow and adhere to the Victorian Building Act 1993, the Victorian Building Regulations 2006, the Building Code of Australia and all Australian Standards relevant to each aspect of construction on your project.

Impartial, professional advice for the best value and results within your budget

We take the time to listen to you and to help you clarify your needs before offering any solutions. Our need evaluation process ensures that we get to discuss exactly what you want to achieve. We guarantee to provide you with likely budget implications early in the consultation process to prevent unnecessary cost, loss of time and disappointment. Further to ensure that you select the designer that will be best suited to match your situation we guarantee to provide designer options and to show you examples of their work. Further, should you wish, we guarantee to arrange for you to have a conversation with some of our many previous satisfied clients.

Communicate in a timely and professional Manner

Because we answer your calls directly you are assured of immediate processing of any inquiries. Should we be unable to take your call immediately and because we check our phone and emails at least four times a day you are assured of a rapid reply to your communication.

When you call CBH for the first time you will be speaking with one of the business owners, so you can be assured that your questions and queries will dealt with directly and quickly. During the build process, you are assured that the supervisor you will be dealing directly with will have a thorough and full knowledge of your job and will be able to keep you informed of progress and deal with your enquiries. In the unlikely event that your supervisor is not available another will step in to give you full continuity and coverage.

Best Value

We guarantee to make every effort to give you the best value possible for your job however large or small. In the event that our company is unable to deliver your job at best value, we will make every effort to direct you to a reliable alternate source.

Quality Workmanship

We educate all our site employees and contractors that speed of construction always comes second to quality and completing work using the best method for long term performance. Our build motto is to do work correctly first time around and patiently. This is reflected in the quality of workmanship in our completed projects.

Build Accuracy

Our on-site quality checklists assure you that we build according to your plans and measurements. In order to ensure that new homes are positioned correctly we engage a professional set out contractor. In the unlikely event that an error is discovered in the plans or measurements we guarantee to inform you as soon as possible and discuss with you any likely implications.

Quality Materials

Drawing on experience over time, we source material from suppliers that are known for supplying a consistently high quality product and we can advise on the most suitable quality materials for the specific application on your project. Therefore, we guarantee to only use materials that are suitable for the intended application.

Proven and Reliable Subcontractors

We guarantee to use on your job only subcontractors who have a proven record of quality performance. Further we require our subcontractors to complete our quality checking processes prior to leaving site. In the unlikely event that we are not happy with the performance of a subcontractor’s workmanship we will require that rectification ismade as soon as possible.

Home Protection

Should it be practical (and should you decide) to stay in your house during renovations we guarantee to make every effort to make your home livable and to minimise inconvenience. In the event it is not possible for you to stay in your home because of a construction stage or an event outside our control, we guarantee to give you as much warning as possible so you can plan accordingly.

During the early stages of construction, or when necessary, we will erect hoardings to minimise dust and noise entering your living area. Further we will keep you informed of any large works, or disconnections so that you can plan accordingly.

We guarantee that all trades people will be informed that you are living there. Further we guarantee to gain their agreement to follow our “in-home” procedures. These cover allowable work hours, use of radios, language, safety – especially where children are involved, excavations, facilities, tidiness, security etc.

A great job! Thank you to all involved.

After considering 3-4 builders, for our extension/renovation we selected Nathan and Josh from Craft Built Homes.   We based our decision on their direct yet easy, relaxed attitude.  They were helpful right from the start.

Once they had a good grasp of what we wanted to do they were happy to provide a fairly accurate idea of what the costs might be, answering the many questions we had and they gave us the opportunity to speak to past clients and to see their previous work.

Craft Built Homes continually suggested ideas and ways to achieve our desired result whilst keeping us informed on the cost implications and possible savings. It was clear that they cared about the quality of the build, and were a wealth of knowledge as we worked thru the project.

The build went smoothly and any issues that popped up were discussed in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all.

The whole team and all the sub-contractors were courteous and easy to work with and continually went the extra yard to achieve what we were after.

We are very pleased with the result, and we think Craft Built Homes did an incredible job.

We would highly recommend Craft Built Homes for your next home or extension.

We look forward to seeing what Craft Built Homes achieve in the future.

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